Independent Voters For Change – CONGRESSIONAL REFORM ACT 2020


Within the context of these articles the term American People, American Public, General Public and The Public shall represent the greater majority of United States Citizens and are not intended to represent a preferred financial group, political group or elite class.

Article 1.

All BILLS passed into law shall support a balanced budget and reduction of National debt. Monies provided to foreign countries having weapons of mass destruction or for boosting American company arms sales shall end.

The Pentagon shall make financial records available for Congress to review. The United States shall cease and desist being the world’s police force or from paying the greater majority of NATO funding. The 737 U.S. military bases in foreign countries will be reduced to 589 bases and the 2016 $583 billion dollar discretionary military budget shall be reduced by 20%.

Congressional Reform Act 2020 Article 1 puts an end to government over spending and borrowing. It returns money to states for improving infrastructure including highways, bridges, schools and public works facilities. This money shall also be used to increase public safety, public health and for promoting millions of engineering, construction, teaching, and public works and law enforcement jobs. It should also be noted that 22% of American citizens now live in poverty.

Article 2.

The Federal Reserve shall be made part of the United States Treasury and no longer managed by an elite group of insider bankers supporting their own financial interests.

Financial Institutions lobbying congress for legislation harming the General Public shall be dissolved. Banks committing fraud against the American public through speculation shall be seized and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act enforced.

Through legislation the Federal Government shall enforce Federal Reserve 16 Trillion dollar secrete banking bailout profits used for speculation as misuse of public funds, considered ill gotten gains and forfeited.

The usury laws of each state shall be upheld to prevent banks using the Non-usury State of South Dakota to overcharge the American public using credit cards.

Congressional Reform Act 2020 Article 2 removes Wall Street fraud and control over Congress.  All monies gained through speculative and manipulation of markets using the people’s money by private parties or financial institutions belongs to the American people. It shall be seized and returned to the United States Treasury. The Federal Reserve is managed by parties involved with promoting banking malfeasance and must be dissolved.  The federal government will protect banking customers from unfair usury laws allowing banks to charge 24% on credit cards.

Article 3.

The House of Representatives shall establish a Law Review Committee.  This committee shall include forty by-Partisan American citizens per state selected by lottery drawing of willing participants. This Committee shall select 10 percent of its members as Governing Board.  This committee shall review and assess LAWS considering what a prudent person would consider unfair financial advantage for commercial enterprise, misuse of nonprofit status, infringements on State Rights, infringements on Civil Rights, legislation reducing Tax Liabilities and Tax Codes irregularities considered to be loop holes for a preferred class, group or industry. 

This Committee shall correct the inequality of earnings considering all monies gained through labor, investment, gambling and betterment of birth to be on an equal footing.

Corporations registered as nonprofit (including hospitals) shall be taxed as for-profit institutions. Foreign Corporations conducting business within the United States shall pay tax on all earning acquired within the United States.  Corporations harboring profits outside of the United States shall be required to return seven years annual taxes.

The Governing Board shall vote on Committee findings with the majority YEA requiring congressional removal of inclusions or wording from laws within 30 days. Like all other commonwealth law countries, a looser pay law shall be passed to reduce the nuisance law suits forcing higher insurance rates harming our country.

Congressional Reform Act 2020 Article 3 provides a law review committee charged with the task of removing years of legislation designed to financially benefit special interest Corporations and Industries at the detriment of the American public. The Reagan tax adjustment on excessive earnings from 70% to 28% under the guise of Trickle-down economics have failed creating a two class society with the upper 1% now owning 40% of our countries wealth, 50% of our countries stocks, controlling our media and being the financial benefactors for our elected. Hospitalization should not require a person to sell their home to pay a hospital bill. For our country to survive we need fair taxing codes for all American citizens, for profit and nonprofit corporations.

Energy Corporation earning 17 billion in profit excluded from paying Federal Income tax due preferential tax codes.

Pharmaceutical companies charging United States citizens three times more for prescriptions than charged for drugs in foreign countries.


Congressional Reform Act 2020

Changing the way Congress conducts business

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