Independent Voters For Change – CONGRESSIONAL REFORM ACT 2020 


Article 8.

With exception of salary, members of Congress shall not accept gratuity in any form for benefiting domestic or foreign commercial enterprise or government. Gratuity shall include but not be limited to (1) receipt of money or other financial instruments directly or indirectly conveyed, (2) information providing increase in value of financial instruments, (3) maintain existing or obtaining new government or private employment for self or others and (4) limit petitions for redress of grievance to that defined by the Constitution of the United States as grievance.

Members of Congress shall be required to file IRS disclosure form 990 indicating all monies received or gifted for personal use.

Congressional Reform Act 2020 Article 8 (1) prohibits use of Leadership Packs or other methods for receiving gratuities for self or others through financially benefiting commercial enterprise, (2) prohibits financial influence for increasing values of owned, or procurement of new stocks or other financial instruments, (3) removes campaign contributions provided as gratuity for passing financially favorable laws and provides disclosure of congressional member financial relationships supporting conflict of interest, (4) vacates lobbyist First Amendment right to petition government for redress of grievance through misrepresentation of special interest profits as a grievance. Congressional members shall be held to the same standard as not-for-profit employees and annually submit IRS form 990 designed to expose financial irregularities.

Article 9.

Members of Congress voting “YEA” for “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 AKA HR-347 abridging our First Amendment freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom to redress grievance of the government through use of peaceful protest have betrayed their Oath of Office to protect and support the Constitution of the United States. This illegal Act dishonors the spirit of 1776 and the thousands who fought and died protecting our countries freedoms. This LAW will be rescinded.

Congressional Reform Act 2020 Article 8 considers those in Congress sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States who knowingly abridged our First Amendment Freedoms for purpose of advantaging preferred commercial enterprise and tyrannical control over the American People have betrayed their Oath of Office and the Trust of the American People. In so doing they have supported the foundation for tyranny to advance Commercial Imperialism.

Article 10.

Congress shall amend sections and wording of the Patriot Act abridging our Fourth Amendment protections against government tyranny. Congress shall limit Central Intelligence Agency operations to outside United States territorial boundaries. Congress shall return the Posse Comitatus Act protecting United States Citizens from being killed by our military when gathering in defiance of those abridging our Constitutional Freedoms.

Congressional Reform Act 2020 Article 10 requires the PATRIOT ACT to be amended to remove wording that allows the government to trample the freedoms granted by our fourth amendment by denying judicial oversight. 17 different government agencies can now enter our homes without our knowledge, access our computers and add mater demeaning our character or causing our arrest. As a country we have no business going to war under the guise of promoting freedom when Freedom is being denied American citizens.

Congressional Reform Act 2020

Changing the way Congress conducts business

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