Government (vs) the People (1798 – 2016)

The Alien and Sedition Acts were signed into Law in 1798 by President John Adams  (Federalist Party). The Sedition Act forbid American Citizens from protesting against the government. The Federalists believed in big government and that all citizens rights and liberties must be provided at the pleasure of the government (AKA King of England monarch -or- Hitler fascist rule).

  • Federalists would considered our paid for Social Security benefits a government granted entitlement. They would make it a part of the federal budget so it would look like they were giving us something. They would have our money managed by corrupt Wall Street Bankers.
  • Federalist Bill Clinton would deregulate federal banks allowing them to gamble in wall street ventures considering their wins profits and their losses backed by the equity in millions or American homes.
  • Federalists would turn our (operating in black) postal system into a Wall Street profiteering enterprise.
  • Federalists would imprison millions of American citizens for minor offenses in for-profit institutions with little hope of rehabilitation.
  • Federalist would cut spending on social services allowing millions of untreated mentally ill to influence our society through violence and then blame gun manufactures.
  • Federalists would bail out defrauding Wall Street banks costing each American citizen over $45,000.
  • Federalists would spend 57% of our countries discretionary budget on the Military Industrial Complex supporting endless wars of economic choice without regard for our middle class diminishing, 22% of our country living in poverty and our failing infrastructure.

In 1801 President Thomas Jefferson   (Democratic-Republican Party) ended the Sedition Act. The Democratic-Republican Party believed that a persons rights came from GOD and not the government. That less government control in the rights of it’s citizens made for a better government and a free people.

Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican party split into a Democrat Party and a Republican Party. Over time both parties favored the merchants purse over the well being of our countries citizens. They had become two media stimulated groups of Federalists  fighting over Wall Street silver while blaming each other for the out of control national  debt and the legislative damage they forced upon the majority of American Citizens. At present each American citizens part of their borrowed debt is over $164,000.

Independent Voters for Change learned that Federalist House Members (223 Republicans and 176 Democrats) passed HR-347 in 2012 giving Federalist President Obama discretionary power over our freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom to redress grievance from the government through peaceful protest. By performing this treasonous act our Congress:

  • Abridged OUR First Amendment,
  • Betrayed their Oath of Office to protect the Constitution of the United States of America,
  • Returned the SEDITION ACT,
  • Dishonored the spirit of 1776 and the thousands of Americans who fought and died protecting our countries freedoms.
  • Acknowledged they were Federalist Traitors legislating away our Constitutional freedoms for profit.